The 5 best car accessories for new drivers

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The 5 best car accessories for new drivers

Passing your driving test and getting your first car are two things that everyone wants to achieve, and everyone can get there. When you get your first car, you will want to begin exploring the world and thrive in your newfound independence, so with that, here is our compiled list of the top accessories you should consider for your new set of wheels.

1.) Dashcam

When buying your first accessory for your car, the first thing on your list should be a dashcam. Dashcams are a staple for all drivers in 2022, and they can be convenient for new drivers. Whilst a dashcam can be expensive to buy, they are worth the money you spend on them, especially if you are unfortunately involved in a car accident. If you find yourself involved in an accident, they can help determine who was at fault. Recently, one of our driving instructors in Luton was involved in a minor car accident, and they were able to prove that the incident was not their fault thanks to their fitted dashcam. Not only can a dashcam be helpful if you are involved in an accident, but you are also able to review any footage, especially if you want to study your driving.

2.) Magnetic Phone Holder

It is common knowledge that you cannot use your phone whilst driving. If you are caught on your phone whilst driving after just passing your test, you will have your driving licence taken away. This includes using your phone as a satnav or changing your music. If you need to use your phone for a satnav, we recommend purchasing a magnetic phone holder. These will be placed on your air vent and will keep your phone secured. This lets you set up your route before turning on your engine and heading off while also giving you a clear field of view as nothing is attached to your windscreen.

3.) Blind Spot Mirrors

After you have passed your driving test, you do not want to lose the skills you have learned during your lessons. The majority of accidents that happen on the road are due to failing to check your blind spots. These handy pieces of equipment will allow you to check your blindspot without needing to turn your head constantly. For as little as £5, this is a handy piece of equipment that can benefit you on any journey. You need to make sure that you are staying safe on the road, and checking your blind spots is something you would have covered in your driving lessons. Your driving instructor would likely have had these on their wing mirrors. Our driving instructor in Milton Keynes, Joseph Anacletus, recommends these to his pupils, especially once they have passed.

Blind spot mirror

4.) De-Icer & Ice Scraper

While you may not purchase your car in the winter months, it is worth remembering that cold days will come, and you don't want to be caught with a frozen car. There is nothing worse than being late for work or school and needing to de-ice your car in a panic. If you make sure that you have a trusty scraper and a bottle of de-icer you won't have to panic when the unexpected frost hits. These can be picked up at petrol stations, hardware shops and even garages. These will save you time, and you won't risk damaging your windscreen by using a card or boiling water.

5.) Car Diffuser

If you have just bought your first car, the last thing you want is for it to smell terrible. Whilst you may not get a new car smell, you shouldn't underestimate the importance of a diffuser. Diffusers are essential in any car, especially if you find yourself making a long journey or sweating over the seats after a heavy gym session. Purchasing a diffuser will take your newfound independence to another level with several options available. Besides, who wants to be the friend with the worst smelling car?

These are options that we believe will take your car to the next level, with the majority of them helping to keep you safe on the road. The last thing you would want is to have an accident or lose your licence and needing to wait to retake your driving lessons, especially if you are in a busy area like Bedford.

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