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Joseph Anacletus
Driving Instructor
Ford Focus Dark silver (Manual)
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Joseph Anacletus

I focus my pupil success, motivate them and give adequate training and most valuable information for them to succeed quickly as possible.

Be kind and love others

If you were a cartoon or TV character, who would you be?

Laurel and Hardy

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Coming Soon

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Average rating (4.5)
E 6 months ago

I had a great experience learning to drive with Joseph. He's a very calm, patient and friendly driving instructor which is exactly what you need when learning to drive! I don't think I could have passed first time without him. Thank you so much!

D 6 months ago

Can not fault my experience learning to drive with Joseph and will be recommending him to all my friends looking to learn to drive soon. I came to him with 0 experience and passed 1st time after 23 hours!