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Joseph Anacletus
Driving Instructor
Ford Focus Dark silver (Manual)
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Joseph Anacletus

I focus my pupil success, motivate them and give adequate training and most valuable information for them to succeed quickly as possible.

Be kind and love others

If you were a cartoon or TV character, who would you be?

Laurel and Hardy

Who is your role model or hero?

Bill Gates

What is your favourite/dream car?

Any kind of BMW would be great for me

Average rating (4.7)
A 2 days ago

Joseph is an excellent instructor! His lessons are very proactive and he is always looking to improve his students in any way, shape, or form. His teaching style is calm and relaxed but effective and he was instrumental in allowing me to pass first time and in under 25 hours! I would definitetly recommend him to any new driver and it has been a pleasure learning from him.

E 1 year ago

I had a great experience learning to drive with Joseph. He's a very calm, patient and friendly driving instructor which is exactly what you need when learning to drive! I don't think I could have passed first time without him. Thank you so much!