Drive 321 Ltd is a company that genuinely cares. So much so, all of our instructors have signed up to the DRIVE 321 Code of Conduct which can be viewed here.

If you believe your instructor hasn't lived up to the Code of Conduct, then we want to hear from you. At the same time we ask you, the pupil, to respect the Code of Conduct you should have signed in your first lesson too, so it is far easier for both you and our amazing instructors.

Our instructors

  1. All of our instructors are franchised driving instructors. Drive 321 is the Franchise and the instructor is the Franchisee.
  2. All of our instructors are self employed, so please respect that if you cancel on them at short notice, they are potentially losing money. Please respect the cancellation policy of 48 hours of notice to avoid being charged for the lesson. See the cancellation policy for more information.
  3. Any payments to Drive 321 Ltd are protected, we will pay your instructor per lesson/hour within 48 hours of you completing your lesson.
  4. Any payments made to our instructors directly is an agreement between the instructor and yourself. Please ensure you keep a record of your lessons and ask for a receipt.
  5. We cannot be held responsible for any payments made directly to the instructor by cash or bank transfer. If you have any issues regarding payment to the instructor, we will of course investigate for you, but any remaining balance will need to come from the driving instructor to you (the pupil) directly.
  6. All of our instructors will provide lessons in a dual controlled vehicle which is under 5 years old. All vehicles will be roadworthy, with basic comforts such as air conditioning.
  7. All of our instructors will present themselves in a professional manner and should display a Drive 321 roof sign on their vehicle at all times while teaching you.
  8. Drive 321 has a strict no smoking policy.
  9. Our instructors will abide by an equal opportunity policy and will not discriminate against religion, race, colour, gender or sexual orientation.

Cancellation Policy

  1. Our instructors require 48 hours of notice should you wish to cancel your driving lesson. If you are deemed medically unfit to drive and you have been signed off sick at short notice, we will require a sick note from a medical professional. If you send this to your instructor or Drive 321, then we will refund up to 2 hours of lessons cancelled at short notice if you have been charged. All sick notes should be received within 7 days of the cancellation date.
  2. Our instructors try to be flexible to accommodate everyone's busy lives, so if you do need to change your lesson and you don't want to be charged, please contact your driving instructor directly by text message to cover yourself and obviously reschedule your lesson at no charge.
  3. It is your responsibility to provide a valid UK provisional driving licence at the start of your first lesson. If you have lost or can't find your provisional licence, please inform us with a minimum of 48 hours to avoid charge.
  4. Drive 321 Ltd cannot be held accountable for driving test cancelled by the DVSA for any reason, be it a result of poor weather conditions, examiners on strike etc.
  5. Drive 321 instructors and the company cannot be held responsible for mechanical break down or other emergencies such as illness, death or bereavement. As a company, we will endeavour to find you a replacement instructor and/or vehicle, but there is no guarantee.

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