Seven ways to save money on fuel

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Seven ways to save money on fuel

With petrol increasing to £2 per litre and household bills rising, everyone is trying to save money. One easy way to save money is to cut back on filling up your car. For some, this may come across as using your car less, but you can use less fuel whilst still driving your car daily. If you can implement these seven fuel-efficient tips, you will be able to save money and become a better driver.

Petrol pump in a car

1.) Make sure your car is in good condition

When was the last time you had your car serviced? If it has been some time, your car could have several minor issues causing you to be less fuel-efficient. If you have old oil, ageing tyres, brakes that stick or faulty sensors, you can be wasting fuel on every journey due to your car having a lower mile per gallon (mpg) due to these issues.

2.) Check your tyre pressure

Did you know that if your tyres are deflated by just 15psi, you will use 6% more fuel per journey? If you regularly check your tyres, you can ensure that you not only have the correct amount of air in your tyres, but you will also save fuel and money. If your tyres are inflated, you can gain an additional 26 miles from a 60-litre tank, saving around £65 per year on fuel.

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3.) Drive as economically as possible

The best way to make your petrol go longer is to drive more economically. You can do this by driving in the highest possible gear, planning your route to avoid congestion, accelerating gently, and ensuring you turn off your engine during prolonged waits. Our grade-A driving instructor in London, Salih Esa, says, "If you feel your car wanting to pull away or it is struggling then you need to make sure you change your gear accordingly. If you adjust your driving to your route and plan the most efficient route, you can save fuel on every tank of petrol."

4.) Anticipate ahead of time

If you have been taking your driving lessons in Milton Keynes or Bedford with us at DRIVE 321, then our instructors will have helped you to work on your anticipation. However, for some, anticipation is often neglected once they have passed their driving test. Your mpg will gradually decrease if you are heavy on the accelerator and your breaks. If you can drive with purpose but focus on your breaking ahead of time, you will be able to save fuel and save yourself money in the long run.

5.) Avoid using your air conditioning

With summer apon us, this may be one that many drivers will avoid, especially during the hotter days, but if you can avoid using your air conditioning, your fuel consumption will decrease by at least 10% on short journeys. Due to your air conditioning running off of your car's engine, your fuel usage will increase. The easiest way to decrease this is to dress accordingly to the weather making sure you are comfortable on your journey.


6.) Run multiple errands on a single journey

If you know that you need to make several journeys in one day, completing them all in one go will save you fuel in the long run. This is because if you complete a number of cold starts to your engine, your fuel consumption will increase. Not only will your engine run more efficiently, but you will also positively impact the environment while saving fuel.

7.) Store less in your car

This tip will not save change your mpg by much; for some, it may not be noticeable. However, if your car is lighter, it will also be more fuel-efficient. If you find several items in your boot or car that you don't need, then taking them out can save you fuel in the long run. This is more noticeable if you have a roof rack fitted to your car. With it on, your vehicle will have an increase in drag, causing it to be less fuel-efficient.

Our driving instructors at DRIVE 321 will cover these tips and more on your driving lessons. We have had a number of our learners in Luton and Leighton Buzzard state how effective these tips have helped them in the long run.

You can see more tips by visiting this is money here.

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