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Begin your driving lessons in London with one of our grade-A driving instructors today. All of our driving lessons are carried out by local instructors who are test route specialists. Make sure you get in touch today to pass fast and with confidence.

Driving Lessons in London
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Driving school in London

Learning to drive in London can seem pretty daunting, right? But you need not worry. Our driving school in London uses all of the newest proven teaching techniques and all of the fantastic resources at our disposal to ensure you get the best learning to drive experience possible.

All of our driving instructors are fully qualified and dedicated to Drive 321, plus they love what they do. They are diligent and focused on teaching you how to be a safe driver for life. We won't ever sub your driving lessons out to an external party we don't know or have never met before because we're a driving school - not a booking agent.

Popular areas we cover in London

The typical waiting time to start your first driving lesson in these areas is between 1-3 days.

Automatic driving lessons in London

We have several grade-A automatic driving instructors in London who are all handpicked by us. Automatic driving lessons in London are an excellent option for those who want to pass fast and safely.

We find that many Londoners prefer to learn to drive an automatic car due to the nature of driving in London. As a result of the stop/start traffic, you'll face on the roads, driving in an automatic transmission is ideal for those learning to drive in London. Without needing to grasp the gears in a manual car, you'll be able to develop your skills as a driver quicker.

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How much do driving lessons in London cost?

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What do people think about DRIVE 321 in London?

Rated 5 out of 5
Based on 39 reviews
9th November 2022
Zeidoon was always very professional. I was such a nervous driver but he put me at ease and explained everything.
7th October 2022
Salih is a very good instructor. His teaching techniques are high quality. When he took me in I knew how to drive but he taught me how to be composed, focused and mostly importantly drive with maximum road safety. I 100% recommend Salih to anyone wanting to learn to drive and pass their practical test.
19th April 2023
I had my driving licence with Naheed in 2011.She is a friendly and a nice instructor .
3rd October 2022
I'm really happy with Salih's performance. He gave me great tips, constant and honest review for passing my driving test. 100% recommended
9th November 2022
i just wanted to say how happy i am to have found the instructor zeidoon. i didn't think i was ever going to be able to pass my driving test but he was calm, collected and made me feel at ease.

thank you very very much. i definitely recommend you book your lessons here.
12th April 2023
Great experience, Salih made sure I was close to perfection in all aspects of driving and always reminded me on what I needed to improve on and do to be able to pass my test.
14th October 2022
Salih is a excellent instructor. He always made me feel comforted and was very kind. He helped me pass with only 27 hours of driving lessons! I definitely recommend.
1st November 2022
I couldn’t of done it with Salih he is an amazing teacher and really made me feel confident in my driving, I started off knowing nothing about driving but with Salih I quickly learned everything I would need to pass my test and did so first time
9th November 2022
I have had 5 lessons so far with my instructor after changing companies. He has taught me more in these few weeks than in the 8 lessons with the previous one. Thank you.
13th October 2023
The instructor was very good…I recommend it to everyone…
4th March 2020
Thanks Jakhir for everything you've taught me. I am now a confident driver and actually enjoy driving.
8th November 2022
I passed my test first time with Khalid. My driving lessons were really enjoyable - Khalid was really positive and upbeat - which made me feel much better when i stalled 😂
4th March 2020
Passed after 26 hours with Mark with 1 minor. Can't believe it, couldnt have done it without you mate!
15th December 2022
Brilliant! He is very helpful and willing to work around your schedule
9th March 2020
I passed first time with 3 minor faults, couldn't be happier! Paresh taught me everything I needed to know I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons. Paresh is a great instructor and I’d recommend him to all of my friends
8th August 2022
Salih was the best driving instructor I have had. He can be strict but also supportive and encouraging. He helped me pass my test first time round. I would strongly recommend him for any new learner drivers out there. Thank you very much for your support Salih and I wish you all the best!
9th March 2020
I loved my driving lessons with Mukesh and always looked forward to them which I didn't think would happen, I thought I would hate driving! He was so helpful and really knew what he was talking about and explained things so they were easy to understand. I was so happy when I passed first time! Thank you Mukesh
17th January 2023
I have had several driving instructors before I came across Salih. I found none of them helpful. Make a mistake with Salih, he will calmly tell you what you did wrong and how to do it next. (No matter how many times you make the same mistake)
I couldn't recommend him more, professional, friendly and a great person to get along with during stressful times.
Thank you Salih!!!!
3rd March 2022
Amazing Experience really helped me with getting confident on the road. Took his time teaching me all the basics and then getting advanced at my pace. Would recommend to anyone as I believe Salih is just that good!
26th March 2022
Salih is a great person to train with. He's patient and quite knowledgeable. His teaching approach has helped me to clear the driving test without any hassle.
I highly recommend Salih as a driving instructor.

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Frequently asked questions in London

Do you offer automatic driving lessons in London?

We have a number of automatic driving instructors in London providing driving lessons in London. When booking in, just let us know what your preferences are and match you with the best instructor to suit you.

What parts of London do you cover?

Our driving school in London covers most of London's postcodes because we provide lessons in Central London, East London, North London, South London and West London. Grade-A driving instructors supply all our driving lessons in London, and they can help you pass fast and first time.

Do you have female driving instructors in London?

Yes, we have male and female driving instructors in London available for you to learn to drive with. If you have a preference for your instructor, just let us know when booking your lesson, and we can pick the right instructor to suit your needs!

What happens on my first driving lesson in London?

On your first driving lesson in London, your instructor will begin with an introductory chat about your experience. If you have not had any previous lessons, that is fine, as many people have no prior experience. During this chat, your driving instructor will also go over the basics of the car, and they will do an eyesight check and check your provisional licence.

Once this is done, your instructor will begin your driving lesson in a quiet area. They will cover moving off and stopping, clutch control, the different pedals and how to steer. You will always begin in a quiet area away from cars and other road users to learn at your own pace. They will also cover a number of topics to make you feel confident about what you need to know to drive in London.