How to save money on fuel

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How to save money on fuel

With the price of fuel, energy, and food increasing, homes across the UK will want to save money.

With the price of fuel being as high as 199.5p in some parts of the country, motorists will want to be saving as much money and fuel as possible.

Due to the sharp price rise, here are five ways to have your fuel last longer.

Filling up car in a petrol station

1.) Economic driving

The best way to save money and petrol is to drive more economically. You can do this in several ways, including by driving in the highest possible gear that you can at the time, planning your route to avoid congestion, accelerating gently, and ensuring you turn off your engine in any prolonged waits. Our grade A driving instructor in Milton Keynes, Joseph Anacletus, says the best way to drive economically is to "listen to the car and your engine. If you feel it pulling away or struggling in its current gear, this is your car telling you to change gear. By focusing on how your car responds to your driving, you can soon be driving more efficiently."

2.) Check your tyre pressure

Did you know that if your tyres are deflated by just 15psi, you will use 6% more fuel per journey? If you regularly check your tyres, you can make sure that you not only have the correct amount of air in your tyres, but you will also save both fuel and money. If your tyres are inflated, you can gain an additional 26 miles from a 60-litre tank, saving around £65 per year on fuel.

Checking the tyre pressure of your car

3.) Get fuel-efficient tyres

Another way you can save money on fuel is by making sure you have fuel-efficient tyres. When you combine the rolling resistance of tyres with the pressure inside them, you can account for 20% of your car's fuel efficiency. The best fuel-efficient tyres have lower rolling resistance, and when you search for tyres, you are after ones with a grade A fuel efficiency. You will get a higher mileage from the vehicle by having a lower rolling resistance.

4.) Don't use your air-conditioning or heating

Whilst it is always tempting to have your air conditioning on at all times, it is draining your petrol faster. The more you have this on, the more fuel you will burn, especially if you are driving at a slower speed. If you can cut down on your air conditioning by rolling down the windows or by keeping your coat on you can save more petrol in the long run.

5.) Go slower in the cold

The final piece of advice is to drive slower when your engine is cold. If your engine has been left overnight in the winter, your engine will be less efficient. If you begin by driving fast, your car will waste fuel as you are placing more pressure on the engine. It is best to start slow when it comes to a cold morning, but you shouldn't leave your car to idle as it will drain your fuel.

Being more fuel-efficient will not only save you more money but will also help you to become a better driver.

We will cover economical driving with you if you are learning with us at DRIVE 321.

This means that if you find yourself driving in Bedford, London or Luton, you will be able to drive more efficiently and with more confidence.

You can see more fuel-saving tips by visiting BedfordshireLive here

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