Take your driving lessons in Letchworth with Drive 321 to drastically improve your chances of passing your driving test first time. The average hours of driving lessons across the UK to pass a driving test is around 40 hours. Drive 321's average in Letchworth is just 27 hours.

A lot of instructors believe you have to do a certain number of hours on the road before going for your driving test, regardless of your ability. We don't - when you're ready for your test, you're ready, and we'll help you get to that stage much faster by giving you exclusive access to our learner resources and app. Our resources are all tried and tested, designed to help you pass your driving test fast!

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Why DRIVE 321 Driving School in Letchworth?

Over 1,000 pupils have passed with our driving school in Letchworth.

Local driving instructors in Letchworth who follow a code of conduct which protects the consumer - find out more.

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Learner statistics for Drive 321 Letchworth

In the last 30 days
12 Number of learner drivers who passed in Letchworth
3 Number of perfect/zero minor passes
27 Average hours to pass with us in Letchworth
12 Pass photos uploaded to social media
94 Total passes in Letchworth this year
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What do people think about DRIVE 321 in Letchworth?

Rated 5 out of 5
Based on 11 reviews
24th December 2021
George was such a fantastic instructor - the kind I was hoping for. So knowledgeable, patient, kind and helpful. He has given me back my confidence to drive - I learnt many years ago and without driving all that time I really lost confidence in my ability. Since I started my refresher lessons with George, I felt so elated and proud after each lesson and felt like I had made alot of progress each time. You know you are driving with an expert - he gives great constructive advice, makes you feel really safe and takes alot of time to plan and work out what the best things to cover are - and openly discusses with you things that are going well and that need improvement. I am now confident to drive my new car and feel like a very safe and confident driver after all my lessons with George.

He made driving feel fun and enjoyable - I found myself looking forward to lessons instead of dreading them when I first learnt all those years ago!
Thank you George !! :)
14th November 2022
In my experience George is an excellent driving instructor. I had previously tried 2 different instructors who I didn’t feel like I was making much progress with however George helped me a lot with my nerves and, with his teaching, has allowed me to pass my test
19th December 2021
George has been the best instructor I've had and couldn't ask for better. He's been so calm throughout all my lessons and this helped me with deal with my anxieties that I had picked up from some of my previous instructors.
Very encouraging, I don't remember him getting angry even when I made mistakes and this made the environment very conducive for me. He also advised when I'd be ready for my test and so we worked towards getting there. (At first, I was stubborn but later I listened because I could see he wanted the best for me)
I'm so glad I passed with you George.
Thank you and many blessings!
1st November 2022
George is amazing! He is the most patient and kind instructor I’ve ever had. Especially for someone who has anxiety/ mental health issues like myself.
He is always calm, reassuring and never raises his voice. It took me a long time to step out of my comfort zone and I was a learner of his for a long time but he never lost patience with me.
I have recommended him to many friends and could not be happier with our lessons spent together. :)
2nd September 2022
George has been an Excellent instructor, always understanding and clear with instructions.
He really helped me gain confidence driving during my lessons especially after being in a car crash!
14th November 2022
George is super friendly and calm, extremely patient, can not recommend him highly enough. Thank you George.
28th September 2022
George is a fantastic driving instructor. He is very patient, creates a calm atmosphere and put me in great stead for my driving test which I passed first time. I would thoroughly recommend George!
31st August 2021
I could not have asked for a better driving instructor. George is one of the most patient people I’ve ever met. Not once did I feel pressured, I was made to feel very relaxed which lead me to excel in my lessons and pass within 2 months. He was flexible and went out of his way on multiple occasions to cater for my changing schedule and gave me extra lessons and support on the week of my driving test. I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons and could not recommend George more.
14th February 2022
George was an amazing instructor, he remained calm and reassuring throughout my experience. He enabled an open discussion of reflecting on my driving and what went well and what I could improve in order to better my driving. He also remained flexible and helpful at arranging my lessons to best suit me. Overall, he helped me pass my test first time and further my confidence as a driver, I would recommend him to anybody!
6th September 2021
George is the best driving instructor I've ever had! He's calm and methodical and helped to significantly improve my driving in a short space of time. He's very knowledgeable and experienced. He teaches you how to drive rather than to just pass your test.
5th September 2021
George is an outstanding instructor. Throughout every single lesson he remained calm and reassuring which made me relax and feel safe learning on the roads. He worked hard to observe and listen to the help I needed to progress and always came up with solutions to iron out any mistakes I made. He was very flexible with any thing that popped up that effected our lessons and even did extra lesson with me on a Sunday and a bank holiday to ensure I was ready for my test which I passed first time, all thanks to him. His lessons were enjoyable and stress free and I couldn’t recommend him more.

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