A 360 degree observation, also known as a 6 point check is an essential all around check that must be performed before manoeuvring.

The 6 point check includes:

  1. Look over your left shoulder
  2. Look in your left door mirror
  3. Look ahead
  4. Check you interior mirror
  5. Check your right door mirror
  6. Finally, look over your right shoulder before moving off

An example of when you would need to perform a 6 point check is if you were parked by the side of a road. Before moving away you should make yourself aware of everything around you, the most effective way to do this is with a 6 point check.

The right shoulder check is the most important check to do during your driving test as this is the observation the examiner will be looking out for. When reversing, you would usually begin by checking over your right shoulder, then looking over you left shoulder as you move backwards.

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