In driving terms, the blind spot is the area that cannot be seen in either the interior or door mirrors. The interior mirror gives a true picture of what is directly behind you, whereas the door mirrors make objects appear further away. This therefore leaves a gap in the two images that can be seen, this is known as the 'blind spot'. The only way to properly check your blind spot to ensure nothing is there is to perform a shoulder check.

Failure to properly check your blind spot while driving can lead to serious accidents. It's important that learners are taught how and when to check their blind spot, your DRIVE321 instructor will make sure you are confident with checking your blind spot.

When to check your blind spot

Your right side blind spot must always be checked by looking over your right shoulder before moving off. Driving tests are frequently failed due to failing to check the blind spot before driving off. You should also check your blind spot when changing lanes while driving, you should first check your mirrors, followed by your blind spot and then you can safely move lanes.

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