The MSPSL routine is a routine you will be using regularly throughout your driving life. The manoeuvre is broken down into:

  • Mirror
  • Signal
  • Position
  • Speed
  • Look

Previously, this routine was know as MSM, which stands for: mirror, signal, manoeuvre. The manoeuvre is broken down into: Position, Speed, Look.

When to use MSPSL routine

MSPSL is the routine you will be using consciously or unconsciously every time you see a junction or potential hazard. If you are driving safely and correctly you will be doing this routine constantly when driving. MSPSL is used for every road junction. So once you know how to do it for turning left into a minor road you can then apply this routine for all junction types simple or complex.


Depending on your driving instructor and how you learn best, some people may benefit from this extended routine. The 'G' stands for gear, and this should usually happen after the speed has been adjusted first (usually slowing down).

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