Young drivers are putting lives in danger due to the cost of living crisis

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Young drivers are putting lives in danger due to the cost of living crisis

With the cost of living increasing daily, younger drivers are delaying repairing their cars to save money.

The RAC recently polled 3,102 motorists and discovered that 37% of motorists aged 17 to 24 are putting off fixing their cars due to the cost of living crisis squeezing their finances.

Due to this revelation, the RAC has revealed that this will not only produce larger bills in the future but also place more people in danger.

16% of young people have stated that they are pushing back significant repairs, such as fixing their handbrake and cracked windscreens, whilst 28% of young drivers are delaying fixing warn brake discs and oil leaks.

It is not just young people that have decided to delay car repairs; 14% of all age groups have claimed they are skipping repairs, with 9% admitting that they are not getting their vehicle serviced to save money.


These statistics have raised alarm bells regarding the safety of vehicles used in Britain. This is because we now head into the most treacherous months on the road, with shorter daylight hours, colder temperatures and wetter conditions traditionally resulting in a spike in accidents.

It also comes shortly after official data showed that bad brakes, worn tyres and defective lights caused a rise in road casualties last year.

The data shows that defective and poorly-maintained vehicles were a contributing factor in 1,759 road accidents involving injury of any kind recorded in 2021.

That is a rise of 7% from the previous year, with faulty brakes being the most significant cause of death.

Faulty brakes were the most common defect causing a total of 750 casualties in 2021.

It is believed that in major cities such as London and Milton Keynes, drivers are more likely to delay fixing their cars due to their already increased cost of living.

Anna Woodburn, who provides driving lessons in Luton and Leighton Buzzard, stated, "When it comes to cars and driving on roads, being safe is the most important thing.

"If your car has a defect, like warn-out brakes, you must get them looked at and resolved as soon as possible.

"The cost of living has had a major impact on people's lives, but you should never put your life and other people's lives on the line when it comes to driving."

You can read more about the story by visiting This is Money.

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