Thousands of motorists have been caught speeding due to the reduced threshold

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Thousands of motorists have been caught speeding due to the reduced threshold

In the last six months, 347,000 drivers have been fined for speeding after the decrease in speed threshold.

The Metropolitan Police, located in London, decided to reduce their 'speed tolerance' by 1mph, causing thousands of drivers to receive fines.

In the past, the speed tolerance was 10% plus 3mph, meaning if you were on a motorway, the fastest you could go before the camera was activated was 80mph. However, it has now been reduced by 1mph to attempt to decrease the number of people that speed.


Due to this, 347,000 drivers have been warned that they will be prosecuted for speeding between January and June. This is compared to 97,000 fines issued in the previous six months - an increase of 259%.

The Met has stated that even though there is a threshold in place, drivers should obey the speed limit irrespective of the speed threshold.

The police force said: 'Posted speed limits are the maximum speed that road users should travel at any time ... irrespective of the speed threshold that police commence enforcement action.'

Drive 321 instructor Joseph Anacletus, who provides driving lessons in Bedford and Milton Keynes, said, "When teaching learners, it is essential that you specify how dangerous driving above the speed limit can be. "All learners need to understand that speeding isn't good practice, it isn't cool, and it puts lives on the line."

You can read more about the story by visiting This is Money.

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