Although we've been here before, there are still some uncertainties around what is and isn't allowed during the second lockdown. One of these uncertainties is whether or not you can drive during the lockdown; we're hoping to clear some things up here and answer any questions you may have.

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Driving during lockdown

With the new lockdown restrictions, people are being encouraged to stay at home as much as possible. We advise keeping your driving during lockdown to a minimum and only travelling when it is essential.

What is essential travel?

Essential travel is permitted during the second lockdown; the Government have listed essential travel as the following:

  • Travelling to work (when you cannot work from home)
  • Travelling to education and for caring responsibilities
  • Travelling to your GP, hospital, or other medical appointments
  • Travelling to buy essential goods such as food and medicine
  • Travelling for outdoor exercise if you can not do this locally

If your reason for travel falls outside of the reasons listed above, it may be deemed unnecessary. Examples of non-essential travel could be:

  • Driving to see a relative or friend who isn't in your bubble
  • Driving a long distance for outdoor exercise (for example driving to a park 2 hours away if there are alternative parks nearer to you)
  • Driving for non-essential work

Am I insured to drive during lockdown?

Experts have revealed that your insurance could be invalid if you're involved in an accident while driving during lockdown. Whether your insurance is valid during lockdown or not depends on the type of journey you're making.

If you're involved in an accident while driving during lockdown and your journey is deemed 'non-essential', your insurance may not cover you. If you're unsure whether your insurance is valid during lockdown, it's best to check with your car insurance provider before making any journeys.

If you're not planning on making any journeys during lockdown and thinking about cancelling your insurance, only do this if you have off-street parking. It is illegal to park on the road without valid insurance as your car could still be involved in an accident when parked up.

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Can I have driving lessons during lockdown?

Unfortunately, following the Government guidelines, driving lessons in England have been suspended until the 2nd December 2020. Driving lessons will safely resume on the 2nd December 2020 and we're taking booking now. Give us a call to book your lesson for when they restart.

Can key workers have lessons during lockdown?

Unlike during the first lockdown, the Government have advised that there should be no driving lessons for key workers during the second lockdown (5th November - 2nd December 2020). Driving lessons for key workers will also resume on 2nd December 2020.

One of our instructors who provides driving lessons in Milton Keynes said:

Unfortunately all lessons (including key worker lessons) have had to come to a halt during the current lockdown, but we'll be back in action on the 2nd December! I'd strongly advise anyone who wants lessons to pre-book before the end of the lockdown to make sure you secure a lesson.

Driving during lockdown do's and don'ts

Hopefully, you're now more clear on the do's and don't of driving during lockdown.

  • Do make essential journeys (list of essential travel listed above)
  • Don't make non-essential journeys (non-essential travel listed above)

For more information on driving during lockdown and essential/non-essential travel, visit the Government website here.

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