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We are still providing driving lessons for key workers on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic. Critical and key workers are still able to take their driving lessons and driving tests during this outbreak.

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For those working on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic, it's important, now more than ever, that these key workers can continue to do their jobs with as little obstruction as possible. We must all do what we can to support and make life a little bit easier for critical workers. With supermarkets opening early for NHS staff and hotels opening their doors for free accommodation, everyone is pulling together. At DRIVE 321 driving school, we want to do our bit by providing driving lessons for key workers.

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Weekly & Intensive Driving Courses For Key Workers

As well as offering weekly lessons, we also have specialist intensive driving courses for key workers.

While the Government have suspended UK driving tests for 3 months, key workers will still be able to take lessons and access emergency theory and driving tests. Having access to emergency driving tests is no use if you've got no one to practice for it with, that's where we come into play with our key worker driving lessons.

We have healthy, fully qualified driving instructors ready to help key workers get their driving licences as quickly as is safely possible. At this time, we are providing driving lessons and intensive courses for NHS staff, teachers, nursery workers, social workers, supermarket attendants and anyone whose work is deemed critical to the COVID-19 response. Many employers of key workers are encouraging employees to start learning to drive now and pass ASAP. Please see below for a full list of critical workers.

Our driving lessons for the general public are currently postponed until 11th May 2020. However, we will continue to provide driving lessons for key workers who need them, as long as it is safe to do so and both instructor and learner are in good health showing no symptoms of COVID-19.

The safety of our pupils and instructor is of the utmost importance to us and we are taking extra precautions to ensure everyone is able to stay safe during this unprecedented and perturbing times.

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Driving tests for critical and key workers during COVID-19

The DVSA has suspended all driving tests for 3 months. However, key and critical workers can take emergency driving tests if their work is critical for supporting the response to the virus. Key workers are those who work in one of the critical sectors, which can be found below.

Education and Childcare

Anyone responsible for the care of children. This includes teachers, nursery staff/helpers, and social workers.

Health and Social care

Staff working in health and social care are on the frontline of the fight against the disease. This includes doctors, nurses, midwives, paramedics and support or specialist staff in the sector. This sector also includes those working in supply chains: producers and distributors of personal protective equipment and medicine.

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Local and National Government

Admin jobs essential to proper delivery of the COVID-19 response, or delivering crucial public services, e.g. overseeing the payment of benefits.

Critical Public Services

Anyone needed to run the justice system, religious staff, those needed to manage the deceased and journalists providing public service broadcasting.

National Security and Public Safety

Police, fire & rescue, support staff, Ministry of Defence civilian staff, armed forces personnel. Also anyone in charge of probation, border security and prisons.

Food and other essential goods

Anyone working in the food supply chain. Those involved in the production, processing, distribution, sale/delivery of food and necessary goods.

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Utility Workers, Financial and Communications Services

Those needed to keep water, electricity, gas, oil and sewerage systems running. Workers in the chemical, civil nuclear and telecommunications sectors. Those providing essential financial services e.g. banks, and postal services.


Anyone keeping water, air, road and rail passenger and freight transport modes operating.

For more information on critical workers, please visit the government website here.

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How to book an emergency driving test

If you work in one of the critical sectors mentioned above and need to book a driving test, you will need to contact the DVSA at cricial.worker.driving.test@dvsa.gov.uk where they will provide you with information on what to do next. You'll be asked to provide proof that it is essential to your work that your test goes ahead.

Emergency theory test

As a key worker, you will also be able to access emergency theory tests during the COVID-19 pandemic. To arrange an emergency driving theory test, you should contact the DVSA at critical.worker.theory.test@dvsa.gov.uk and they should be able to help you with this.

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