You'll hear many dinosaur instructors saying it's not right or safe if you pass quickly. So what's the alternative? Drive around for hours covering very little. This is an excuse for instructors who don't want to evolve, work hard and help their pupils achieve their goals!

With smarter ways of teaching using technology to assist, it is possible to pass in less hours and be a safe driver. Just because someone has done 100 hours of lessons, it doesn't mean they are safe. They may have more experience but they may not have the brain power, knowledge and initiative to problem solve tricky driving situations in the future.

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Over 1,000 pupils have passed with our driving school in Kettering.

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Learner statistics for Drive 321 Kettering

In the last 30 days
113 Number of learner drivers who passed in Kettering
6 Number of perfect/zero minor passes
26 Average hours to pass with us in Kettering
113 Pass photos uploaded to social media
258 Total passes in Kettering this year
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Nearest driving test centres to Kettering

Kettering  Map


Orion Way, Kettering, NN15 6NL 1.1 miles away
Wellingborough  Map


Glamis Hall, Wellingborough, NN8 3RU 6.3 miles away
Northampton Map


Gladstone Business Centre, Northampton, NN5 7QA 12.6 miles away
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