When you get out and about on the roads, one of the most common road markings you'll come across is yellow lines. You will come across single and double yellow lines painted along the edge of certain roads.

What do yellow lines mean?

Yellow lines indicate to drivers that there is a waiting restriction in place on the stretch of road marked with the yellow lines. Waiting in this context refers to:

  • Parking your car and leaving it unattended
  • Parking your car and staying in the vehicle
  • Stopping to drop someone off
  • Stopping to collect someone
  • Parking the car to load or unload something
  • Single and double yellow lines indicate different waiting restrictions

Single yellow lines

Single yellow lines indicate that there are restrictions in place but only at certain times of the day. Single yellow lines will be accompanied by a yellow sign which will indicate the times that the restrictions are in place. For example, a sign may signal that restrictions are in place between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm.

Double yellow lines

The rules around double yellow lines are a lot easier to understand. If you come across double yellow lines along the side of the road, it simply means that parking or waiting along this stretch of the road is not allowed at any time.

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