A no stopping sign means you are not allowed to stop in the specified area at any time. You may come across these signs if you live in a busy city, for example, if you're taking your driving lessons in Northampton. Anywhere a no stopping sign is displayed, there will normally also be double yellow lines on the road. In cities where it is especially busy or dangerous to stop, there may be red lines instead, this is known as a red route.

How is a no stopping area marked?

  • An upright no stopping sign as seen in the image above
  • Double yellow lines on the road
  • Double red lines, also known as red routes
  • A single red line, signifying restricted stopping times

Double yellow lines on the road mean no parking or stopping at any times. If there is no sign nearby stating the times when you are permitted to stop or park then it's safer to find somewhere else to stop or park.

If you park or stop in a no stopping zone, you could face an expensive fixed penalty fine, fines are dependent on the location and governing body. Notices issued by the police may involve a fine as well as three penalty points on your driving licence, depending on the seriousness of the offence.

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