The future of dashcams is here!

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The future of dashcams is here!

It's always frustrating when you return to your car and see that your vehicle has been dented and the culprit hasn't left a note.

However, a new dashcam is here to ensure your car is always protected, and you can even take immediate action on any incidents.

The dashcam in question is the iQ device and is priced at £500. However, it is worth it, as it can wake a tired driver, call 999 in the event of a crash and more.


Whilst the device is expensive, you can also be warned if someone drives your car dangerously or to an area, you weren't expecting.

The dashcam utilises three cameras and, like a ring doorbell, can be viewed remotely from a smartphone.

Developed by British firm Nextbase, the iQ goes on sale in March. Bryn Brooker, head of road safety at Nextbase, said: "It will help with the age-old problem of other motorists bumping into your car when it is parked up and driving off without leaving a note. It also helps in other ways."

The iQ boasts an intelligent feature named DriveAware that can identify if you look down at your phone, spot your eyes when you become drowsy and more.

It will also be able to alert emergency services to a collision and the location because it can sense the kind of sudden movements and abrupt stops common in accidents.

When it comes to dashcams, our grade-A driving instructor in London, Lisa Monkston, said, "I would always advise my pupils to purchase a dash camera and to have one in their car at all times. They are a great piece of tech and can even help reduce your insurance cost.

"Whilst I wouldn't say that a £500 dashcam is the best one to choose, I think it does show that the progression of dashcams is moving in the correct direction, and they are essential in all cars."

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