Is your car ready for a cold snap?

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Is your car ready for a cold snap?

With Christmas rapidly approaching, the temperature is beginning to plummet as an Arctic blast thrusts winter upon us.

When the weather turns colder, drivers often find an increase in car breakdowns, but if you invest in maintenance, you can now save hundreds of pounds.

The most common issue in the winter is a flat battery, which is easy to prevent by purchasing a battery tester.

You can pick up a batter tester for £20, which will allow you to tell the battery's voltage. If it shows a reading of fewer than 12 volts when the engine is turned off, you will need to buy a new battery.


Drivers are recommended to change their battery after five years of usage, even if it is in working order.

Along with the battery tester, it is recommended that you pick up a set of jump leads and chargers that can help if your car doesn't start; these will cost you no more than £60.

Along with checking that your battery is running efficiently, drivers must also check their oil level, water level and tyre pressure due to the falling temperatures potentially leading to your radiator braking due to low water or antifreeze levels.

Even motorists who look after their cars will encounter motoring issues over the coming weeks. Breakdown cover is a sensible option. With most car problems occurring at home, cover that includes home start is usually the best option.

Grade-A driving instructor Chris Jones, who provides driving lessons in Luton and Leighton Buzzard, said, "Making sure that your car is always up to the correct standards is a legal requirement. However, it is more important in the winter.

"When winter hits, you encounter several issues, including icy roads, driving in the dark and foggy weather.

"The best way to ensure you are safe this winter is to ensure your car is up to the legal standards, along with purchasing breakdown cover to protect you if anything happens when you are out on the road."

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