Here at Drive 321, we offer a range of different type of driving lesson. Here we'll explain each one, what you can expect to cover and who each one is best for.

The 1 hour taster lesson is the perfect lesson for those who have had a bad experience in the past or are very apprehensive about learning to drive. During the 1 hour session, you will tend to cover the following:

  1. Eyesight and provisional driving licence check
  2. A quick question and answer to see what level you're at and assess any previous experience you may have
  3. Drive to site - depending on where you live, your instructor may drive you to a quiter area
  4. Commentary drive - on the way to the suitable place, you instructor may walk you through what they are doing (changing gear, lane discipline etc.)
  5. The controls of the car
  6. Clutch control
  7. Moving off and stopping
  8. Debrief and drive back
  9. Feedback and rebook

The 2 Hour Assessment Lesson is designed to see what level you are currently at if you have had any driving lessons in the past and give you a rough estimation of how many hours it will take you to be test ready.

Throughout the lesson, your instructor will take notes and provide ongoing feedback.

Assessment lessons are ideal for those looking to book an intensive driving course, as you'll be able to make a better informed choice on the length of your course.

The introduction lesson is like the 1 Hour Taster Lesson, but you have an extra hour to cover more. For example, the drive to site may take up a large chunk of the taster lesson, whereas if you have 2 hours, you'll have more time to be driving yourself.

These are pay as you go lessons and you will cover whatever is required to get you as ready as you can be for your driving test. You will decide on the content of these lessons with your driving instructor - whether it be practising manoeuvres or general driving.

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