In short, the biting point is when the clutch and engine plates in the car move closer together, as a result of releasing the clutch pedal, and begin to make contact with each other. When the biting point is found, the engine is ready to begin moving the wheels so the car can move.

How to find the biting point

  1. Push the clutch pedal all the way down using your left foot.
  2. With the clutch pedal down, put the car into first gear.
  3. Slowly lift your left foot, bringing the clutch pedal up, and you'll feel a slight tug at the front of the car and the bonnet may rise slightly. When you feel this, hold your left foot still.
  4. This is the biting point.

When you first start learning to drive or move to a different car, it may take you a while to get used to finding the biting point. With practice and more lessons, you'll find it much more quickly and easily.


If you bring the clutch pedal up too quickly, the clutch and engine plates will meet too quickly resulting in a stall.

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