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George Hartwell
Driving Instructor
Seat Leon White (Manual)
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George Hartwell

I became a Driving Instructor because I wanted to do my part for road safety. I have been praised on having a calm & reassuring manner with all of my learners, and that I help even the most anxious learners feel at ease which aids their learning process.

"There are no mistakes in life, only lessons."

- Robin Sharma

If you were a cartoon or TV character, who would you be?

Jerry Mouse - he is a real survivor & always outwits his adversary!

Who is your role model or hero?

Brian Cox, as he has the ability to make Science understandable & accessible.

What is your favourite/dream car?

It would have to be the Rolls-Royce Dawn; it's a quintessentially British quality 4-seater convertible.

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S 3 weeks ago

George was such a fantastic instructor - the kind I was hoping for. So knowledgeable, patient, kind and helpful. He has given me back my confidence to drive - I learnt many years ago and without driving all that time I really lost confidence in my ability. Since I started my refresher lessons with George, I felt so elated and proud after each lesson and felt like I had made alot of progress each time. You know you are driving with an expert - he gives great constructive advice, makes you feel really safe and takes alot of time to plan and work out what the best things to cover are - and openly discusses with you things that are going well and that need improvement. I am now confident to drive my new car and feel like a very safe and confident driver after all my lessons with George.

He made driving feel fun and enjoyable - I found myself looking forward to lessons instead of dreading them when I first learnt all those years ago!
Thank you George !! :)

L 1 month ago

George has been the best instructor I've had and couldn't ask for better. He's been so calm throughout all my lessons and this helped me with deal with my anxieties that I had picked up from some of my previous instructors.
Very encouraging, I don't remember him getting angry even when I made mistakes and this made the environment very conducive for me. He also advised when I'd be ready for my test and so we worked towards getting there. (At first, I was stubborn but later I listened because I could see he wanted the best for me)
I'm so glad I passed with you George.
Thank you and many blessings!