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George Hartwell
Driving Instructor
Seat Leon White (Manual)
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George Hartwell

I became a Driving Instructor because I wanted to do my part for road safety. I have been praised on having a calm & reassuring manner with all of my learners, and that I help even the most anxious learners feel at ease which aids their learning process.

"There are no mistakes in life, only lessons."

- Robin Sharma

If you were a cartoon or TV character, who would you be?

Jerry Mouse - he is a real survivor & always outwits his adversary!

Who is your role model or hero?

Brian Cox, as he has the ability to make Science understandable & accessible.

What is your favourite/dream car?

It would have to be the Rolls-Royce Dawn; it's a quintessentially British quality 4-seater convertible.

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